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Today marked a significant milestone in Kakamega County as President Ruto officially inaugurated the construction of a network of roads spanning over 300 kilometers. This comprehensive infrastructure initiative is poised to bring about enhanced connectivity, ignite trade opportunities, and stimulate the local economy through the efficient movement of vital commodities, including sugarcane and maize, to markets and beyond.

The launch of this expansive road construction project holds immense promise for Kakamega County and its residents. By ensuring the smooth transportation of goods, the region’s agricultural produce, such as sugarcane and maize, will reach markets swiftly and efficiently. This streamlined movement of commodities is expected to not only boost trade but also contribute to the overall economic growth of the county.

The road construction initiative extends its benefits far beyond the realm of commerce. Improved connectivity means that communities will be better linked, fostering social interactions, cultural exchange, and educational opportunities. The access to enhanced infrastructure enhances residents’ quality of life and opens doors to progress and development.


In the heart of Kakamega County, the transformation has already begun. The tarmacking and maintenance of the Mumias-Imanga-Musanda road in Buhuru, Mumias West, have been commissioned, paving the way for improved mobility and accessibility in the area. The commitment to enhancing infrastructure extends to various other roads across the region, including Misikhu-Matunda, Ibokolo-Nambacha, Ikolomani-Dudi, Kakamega-Musikoma, Malava-Ikoli, and Soy-Turbo.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the convergence of esteemed leaders who share a collective vision for Kakamega County’s growth and prosperity. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, Governor Fernandes Barasa, and Members of Parliament led by the gracious host, Johnson Naicca, were present to mark this transformative moment.


The road construction undertaking epitomizes a collaborative approach toward development. The synergy between the national leadership, county administration, and local representatives underscores the dedication to the well-being of Kakamega County’s residents. This united effort is a testament to the commitment to fostering progress and prosperity within the region.


President Ruto’s launch of the road construction project in Kakamega County marks a pivotal step toward progress. Beyond the asphalt and concrete lies a tapestry of connectivity, economic empowerment, and social enrichment. As roads are constructed, barriers are dismantled, and pathways to prosperity are forged. This initiative is a testament to the enduring commitment to nurturing growth, connectivity, and a better future for all residents of Kakamega County.

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