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In a significant breakthrough for law enforcement, a man suspected of orchestrating a series of robberies that have shaken Juja in Kiambu County and neighboring parts of Murang’a County has been apprehended by dedicated detectives.

The suspect, identified as Simon Gitonga but known in criminal circles as ‘The Axe Man,’ was taken into custody as a result of a meticulously executed operation carried out by investigators from the esteemed Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau. The operation was further supported by a team of skilled detectives from Imenti North and Murang’a County.

Gitonga, aged 54, has earned a reputation as a repeat offender. Eluding authorities for a period, his capture was facilitated by the issuance of an arrest warrant by the Thika law courts. This warrant stems from his alleged involvement in the criminal activities that have cast a shadow over the region.

During the arrest, law enforcement officers successfully recovered a sharpened machete in his possession, a stark reminder of his nefarious intentions. The well-sharpened weapon is suspected to have been used in the commission of various robberies, adding weight to the suspicions surrounding Gitonga’s involvement.

Local residents have expressed a sense of relief following the news of Gitonga’s arrest. The recent string of robberies had created an atmosphere of unease within the community, prompting calls for swift action from the authorities.

The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies underscore the commitment to maintaining the safety and security of the region’s residents. The arrest of Simon Gitonga marks a significant step forward in curtailing criminal activities that have disrupted the lives of many.

Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and to promptly report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. While Gitonga’s arrest provides a sense of closure, it also serves as a reminder that community involvement and cooperation with law enforcement remain essential in the ongoing battle against crime.

The investigation is ongoing, and law enforcement agencies are working diligently to unravel the full extent of the suspect’s involvement and to bring any accomplices to justice. The arrest sends a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated and that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.

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