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In an astonishing turn of events, police officers in Busia County intercepted a consignment of 12 sacks of marijuana while it was being transported to Kisumu city inside a hearse. The peculiar incident left law enforcement stunned and drew attention to the creative tactics employed by those involved in the illicit drug trade.

The interception took place at a routine roadblock near Suo, where officers flagged down a white Nissan van with branding that read “Rafiki Funeral Services-Othaya.” The vehicle, heavily tinted and playing solemn funeral music, had aroused no suspicion until that point. The driver, seemingly hesitant, rolled down his window and engaged in conversation with the officers.

However, a distinct odor emanating from inside the van piqued the officers’ curiosity, leading them to further investigate. Upon searching the vehicle, they were met with an unexpected sight – neatly arranged sacks of cannabis sativa were found on the seats and floor of the hearse. What was meant to be a vehicle used to carry the deceased to their final resting place had been repurposed to transport an illegal consignment.

The driver of the hearse, identified as Hussein Otita, was immediately taken into custody, and the vehicle bearing the registration number KCV 402Y was impounded. The incident shed light on the audacity of those involved in the illegal drug trade and their willingness to exploit unsuspecting disguises.

Coincidentally, another incident was reported in Wajir, where officers at Korondile police station seized 58 kilograms of marijuana being transported to Wajir town via a motorcycle. The swift action led to the arrest of two suspects, Osman Boru (25) and Halkno Guchu (24), who are currently detained pending arraignment.

Investigations into both cases have been handed over to the Anti Narcotics Unit, as law enforcement agencies work to unravel the networks and individuals responsible for these attempts at drug trafficking. The incidents highlight the constant vigilance required to curb the illicit drug trade and ensure the safety and well-being of communities.

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