Butcheries in Nairobi Under Scrutiny As Police Seize Donkey Meat Ferried From Makueni

by Rofina Media
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Police in Makueni County have thwarted an illicit donkey meat business, seizing 25 carcasses en route to butcheries in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi.

Ten suspects were arrested during the security operation by a multi-agency team.

Donkey meat is prohibited in Kenya, with severe legal consequences for those involved in its slaughter or trade.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that the donkey meat was en route to Shauri Moyo Market in Nairobi. A multi-agency team of NPS Officers and Public Health Officers subsequently visited the slaughter site, where they recovered 25 skinned donkey heads and several hooves from a pit located within one of the suspects’ homesteads,” reported the police.

The law enforcers said they also discovered crude tools at the scene including pangas and knives, believed to have been used during the slaughter.

The discovery of these illegal donkey carcasses raises concerns about the type of meat that may have been unknowingly sold to unsuspecting customers in Shauri Moyo and other parts of the city.

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