City Journalist Clause Masika to Mps; Stop using Clauses to over tax Kenyans

by Rofina Media
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Clause Masika

City Journalist Clause Masika has lashed out on Mps and warned them from converting the finance bill into a clause saying that its against the Kenyan wishes and away of disrespecting his name.

Speaking early today after he was tear gassed in Nairobi CBD, Masika noted that too much taxation was unconstitutional and unacceptable in Kenya.

” We want to urge the state to stop this over taxation measures, on the same note i condemn in the strongest terms possible the use of force to some of us who were overseeing and monitoring the protests, we did not have hands in this protests but we support our colleagues in fighting against the injustices ,” he said.

He urged Mps to come out strong and reject the finance bill 2024 as away of showing respect to the electorates.

” I want to urge our Mps including Hon.Innocent Mugabe to come out strong and reject this finance bill, let him lead by example and convince his colleagues in parliament, for instance i urge Hon.Mugabe to convince some Ford Kenya Mps to support the protesting Kenyans,” he said.

Mugabe has been calling on the total rejection of the finance bill 2024 in various public functions in Western

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