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Nairobi County has been congested by unemployed youths whom are doing anything to earn their living. The Nairobi residents have abandoned their rurals hence failure to make developments at home.

Many parents are living in worry of their kids praying that their stay at the city will be safe in fear of the bodies being delivered in a hearse. “I’m saddened of the children who finish up their education and abandon their homes.T

They always give excuses of locating jobs which in turn fail them hence end up suffering in silence. We are in the generation where youths push hard to make it while in a tender age.

Some of them are being delivered back to the villages in hearses hence giving their parents a lifetime shock which is so hard for an aging guardian to heal from,” Madam Priscilla, Njukini Senior teacher, said.

Mr Ken, the senior counselor, advised the young generation to avoid rushing out things hence following in the footsteps of the parents.

He noted that when one winds up with the education, he/she must first give back to the society they come from before the elevation to the city and life would never be the same again. He also advised people to stop competition and comparing themselves with others but each individual to run their race instead.

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