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September is the Suicide Awareness Prevention Month. Many people have lost their dear lives through depression, according to research. Depression can cause severe fatigue. Fatigue affects more than 90% of people with major depressive disorder.

Some of the medications used to treat depression increase the risk. The antidepressants tamper with the immune systems of people living with complications. They stir up depression, hence sinking the victim into stress.

The Impact of Depression on Suicide Awareness:

Discussing how depression is a significant factor contributing to the need for suicide awareness and prevention during Suicide Awareness Prevention Month. Threats of suicide have increased as the economy inflates. People have become stressed about how to manage and sustain themselves. Some families tend to sacrifice their children to avoid the stress.

Guardians have been forced to rear their kids even in old age due to the unemployment crisis. They feel the government should intervene and provide jobs for the young graduates. Cases of funds embezzlement are sinking the vulnerable into insomnia while others are hypersomnia.

Socioeconomic Stressors and Mental Health: 

Exploring the economic challenges, unemployment, and government intervention as they relate to the rising threats of suicide and mental health issues in the context of current societal pressures.

They spend most hours thinking about where to get their daily reward.
Diseases have arisen hence affecting the vulnerable. Proper feeding is unachievable. Spending long hours for little pay is the cycle of the common ‘mwananchi’.

The country is reckoning on their elected leaders to work on delivering their pledges. Some arid communities are facing a drought season even with the forthcoming el-nino. Government intervention will save a life in many communities.

                          In conclusion

In conclusion, Suicide Awareness Prevention Month serves as a crucial reminder of the ongoing battle against depression, mental health challenges, and the increasing threats of suicide. As we reflect on the impact of depression on individuals and communities, it becomes evident that addressing this issue requires a multifaceted approach. Socioeconomic stressors, including unemployment and economic instability, play a significant role in exacerbating mental health issues.

To combat these challenges, it’s imperative that both individuals and governments take action. Providing mental health support, job opportunities, and addressing issues such as corruption and drought can go a long way in alleviating the burden on vulnerable communities. As we work together to raise awareness and seek solutions, we move one step closer to a society where mental health is a top priority, and the risk of suicide is significantly reduced.

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