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The former Citizen Tv host Kimani Mbugua is pleading for help following his tough financial situation.

In a video shared online, Kimani Mbugua said he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020 and he has been in hospital where he got discharged last week.

Kimani revealed that he is currently homeless and has a debt of Ksh. 1.7 million. He shared that he couldn’t repay his car loan which was sold for he has been jobless for two years.

“I am homeless, I just have my bag with me, the people I was living with said they couldn’t hosy me anymore and asked me to look for an alternative. ”

In the video, he shared that he is tired of suffering in silence and he has decided to appeal for help from well wishers after leaving the hospital last week. His condition cost him a lot including his job and friends who got tired of helping him.

Kimani Mbugua has a business plan and a client proposal and he needs a partner he can work with in the company he is putting up together for creatives.

Last year Kimani had suffered a psychotic episode after excessive usage of Marijuana and had been admitted at a mental health facility.

In the recent video, he said is two months clean and he is on a journey to put his life back together.

“I feel like my mind has gone back to normal. I’m two months clean, I haven’t used any marijuana nor cigarettes. I don’t want to go back to drugs. “

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