“Experience the Eagle Nursing Home Effect: Dr. Aron Shikuku’s Health Facility Creating a Lifeline in Slum Areas, Infusing Hope among the Economically Disadvantaged”

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If you are within Kawangware, Kibera, Kangemi and it’s enviros and you have yet to taste the services of Eagle Nursing Home then you need to do so, located within Kangemi, Kibera, and Kawangware, Dr.Aron Shikuku’s linked hospital has changed your life.

” Before the facility was opened we saw a high number of maternal deaths but today the cases have drastically decreased,” said Ann Musyoka, a resident from Kawangware.

The facility offers its high-quality services at an affordable price and due to that, it continues to witness a large number of patients who visit to be attended to.

” Eagle Nursing Home is a fully organized hospital, We provide all health facilities that are required for the healthy living of human beings, and we have highly qualified medical personnel who help us in service delivery,” said an official who spoke to this reporter.

According to Emmanuel Nyaboke, his wife delivered at the facility and no complications were witnessed.

” My wife gave birth at the Eagle Nursing Home a few months ago, We never witnessed any complications, this is the only facility we have around,” he said.

The facility has been sensitizing residents on the importance of having NHIF cards and it also played a critical role in Covid-19 mitigation efforts.

Dr.Shikuku is a medical Doctor with years of experience, he says his main objective is to uplift the lives of slum dwellers.

” I just want our mothers in slums to get good access to medications, high-quality delivery service, and at the same time my objective is to fight diseases within our Slums,” he said.

Shikuku said that he intends to open more facilities within the city so that city residents can benefit from them.

” Kawangware branch is our main, we even intend to have many more facilities within various slums to help save lives and uplift the lives of our people,” he said

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