EXPOSED; Why having millions of shares at Co-operative bank is dangerous,the Story of a land grabbing city lawyer and why CEO Muriuki is accused of bangling shares to enrich himself in 2007/2008

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Co-operative bank

A world reputable organisation is at loggerhead with both cooperative bank, its Chief Executive Officer Gideon Muriuki and a certain city lawyer in what seems to be a titanic court battle of recent times.

At first, Orion East Africa Limited has told the court that Muriuki is guilty of gross misconduct, has been behind the insufferable bullying of state officers and is unfit to sit in the Cooperative bank of Kenya Board or any other entity in Kenya.

” That this honourable court finds Gideon Muriuki unfit to sit in the Cooperative bank of Kenya board and for causing manumental loss of 35 percent stoke share belonging to Cooperative movement in Kenya during Shambolic initial public offering (IPO) in 2007/2008 to gain unjust enrichment of himself and cronies ,” read the attached court papers in parts.

Also the Cooperative bank of Kenya has been dragged into 34,816,200 shares crisis that alledgly belongs to orion East Africa company. The shares are enough to place its directors to sit in the Cooperative Bank of Kenya board the idea which Muriuki is not willing to embrace.

” We pray court to grant an order directing Garnishee’s share regestrar, Kingdom Securities Limited to set up and deposit in court a central depository system account for shares 34,816,200 stoke share in cooperative bank of Kenya Limited since 2008 ,” read the court papers.

Orion further wants the court to stop Cooperative bank from trading with its shares and instead calling for forensic auditing of the bank activities.

They have insisted that the court to allows its directors to sit in cooperative bank of Kenya Board of directors due its massive shares that are equivalent to Sh590B.

On same matter, city lawyer George Ng’ang’a Mbugu of T/A Mbugua Ng’ang’a and Co.Advocates has been linked to an alledged well orchestrated land fraud.

Lawyer Mbugua is said to be plotting to forcefully take over a parcel of land belonging to Orion East African Limited , the client he represented before he was fired.

He is believed to be demanding 18 M which has now been disputed in court.

See the court papers as attached below

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