Former Senate speaker Ekwee Ethuro reappointed as HELB chairperson

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President William Ruto’s reappointment of Ekwee Ethuro as the chairperson of the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has sparked discussions about the future of higher education financing in Kenya.

Background of Ekwee Ethuro

  • Early life and education
  • Political career and achievements
  • Previous role as Senate speaker

Appointment of Ekwee Ethuro as Chairperson of HELB

  • Details of the gazette notice
  • Effective period of reappointment

Significance of the Reappointment

  • Political implications
  • Continuity in leadership
  • Ethuro’s expertise in education matters

Ethuro’s Contributions to Education

  • Initiatives during previous tenure
  • Advocacy for affordable education

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

  • Addressing student loan default rates
  • Expanding access to higher education
  • Modernizing HELB’s operations

Ensuring Affordable Education Financing

  • Strategies to lower interest rates
  • Innovations in loan disbursement and repayment

President Ruto’s decision to reappoint Ethuro reflects a commitment to education reform and accessibility. Ethuro’s leadership will be crucial in addressing the challenges facing HELB and ensuring that higher education remains affordable for all Kenyan students.


  1. Why was Ekwee Ethuro reappointed as chairperson of HELB?
  2. What are the key challenges facing higher education financing in Kenya?
  3. How will Ethuro’s previous experience benefit his role at HELB?
  4. What initiatives has Ethuro previously implemented to improve education accessibility?
  5. How can students benefit from Ethuro’s reappointment?

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