Health staff issue strike notice over threats Union officials claim goons stalking them

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Healths staff in Kisii have issued a strike notice to the County for what they termed as growing threats to their work.

Some threats, stated KMPDU officials, involve the stalking of local union officials by suspected goons.

During a press conference Monday evening at a Kisii hotel they health vowed to stage a strike on 4th March if their grievances are not addressed.

They described the as ‘chaotic and requiring critical intervention the working system in the devolved unit’ .

“We are perturbed and dismayed by the County government in choosing to disrupt services , arbitrarily demoting and transfering staff. It is a shame,” said George Gibore, Kenya Nation Union of Clinical officers Secretary General.

They accused Governor Simba Arati of presiding over the mess in the devolved unit’s health care system .

” I think the people of Kisii are peaceful. If you chose to attack even a health worker, sending goons to trail him of what good is such a system?,” posed Gibore posed during the evening press conference at a Kisii hotel.

KMPDU National Secretary General Dr Dalji Chatela described as shameful that medical staff in Kisii , especially union officials, were being targeted for harassment for fighting for the welfare of staff.

“As a union we are not only disturbed but also dismayed by the level of insecurity our members are constantly exposed to as they go about their work in Kisii

” For the last two years we have witnessed cases where doctors who are doing work and when they get sick their salaries are stopped arbitrarily. The specialists are also working in very poor conditions,” stated Chatella.

Already the several health staff, among them doctors, had been denied study leaves while others were being transfered to remote dispensaries where their services were least needed, the union official said .

” Today we are issuing a 14 day strike notice to Kisii County that will commence on 4th of March, 2924 if the issues raised would not be addressed.

The strike would only be shelved if all doctors arbitrary sacked and salary withheld are reinstated.

“We are not begging as a union but demanding that these issues must be addressed before 4th March,” he told journalists.

During early deliberations the doctors lamented of being tossed left right and Centre by the County.

“You go to school, return to serve your people but you are designated to serve where your services are least needed,” he said.

The frustration, he said is deep and intense among many of the specialists working in the region.

Other medics said they have gone for over 17 months without pay forcing their children off school .

Some health staff said they had not been considered for promotions despite attending promotion interviews several months down the line .

A senior union official said he has been stalked severally by suspected goons as he left for home .

He has since reported the incident to the police

Another one said they are a depressed lot especially being hunted in town with goons.

“We are overly seeing poor health services for poor Kenyans,” she stated.

Some officers erroneously removed from payroll have been subjecting them to unnecessary suffering, she said.


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