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high cost of living: financial constraints in the cities have found many youths being exploited by the town tycoons.
Unemployment has stirred the exploitation of the young generation due to the hiking economy. Due to a lack of otherwise, youths have settled for less-paying jobs; some of them demanding their lives to survive.

high cost of living

The battle for survival has been harsh on the young generation. They (youths) push to earn more through the back doors some of them finding their lives behind bars for crimes they never committed but due to the company, they term as friends in their respective working environments.

The search for a job in Kenya has been a nightmare without direct access to the people in charge or seated on the higher ranks. The day-to-day hard work for little pay has dipped many youths into depression some of them surviving on drugs while others find life unmeaning due to the hardship they have to go through.

Music has been a doctor to many youths wishing that life will ever change for them when they listen to the challenges their forerunners had to go through before reaching the heights they are in.

The tycoons have used this as an advantage for the struggling generation. They indulge them in drug trafficking but when summoned on the idea, they dispute their association hence the youths find it rough to break the law.                                                          Also, Read githua-and-mutahi-face-6-2-million-fraud-charges-in-nairobi-court/


It’s high time parents should get bothered about their children in towns and check on them to avoid losing the youths while in their tender stage. Peace of mind is always paramount to every person; whether he is struggling or has made it provided they are giving it their best. Work on giving back to society before investing in the town’s young generation.

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