Justus Mokaya Ronald: Empowering Kenyan Youth and Nurturing the Boy Child, Leadership in Kenya

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In the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, where dreams often collide with the harsh realities of life, there shines a beacon of hope named Justus Mokaya Ronald. Born and raised in the humble backdrop of Nyamira County, Justus has emerged as a dynamic force for change, dedicating his life to the betterment of youth and women in Kenyan society. His journey from a modest upbringing to becoming a prominent figure in youth empowerment, politics, and education is nothing short of inspirational.

The Birth of Ezeshaplus Organization

Justus Mokaya Ronald’s passion for youth and women’s empowerment led him to establish the Ezeshaplus Organization. Founded six years ago with a modest loan of 20,000 Kenyan Shillings from a police officer in Kayole, the organization has since grown into a vital force for change. Its primary objective is to empower the less fortunate women and youth in society, offering them sponsored vocational and technical courses examined by the government through the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

Education and Mediation

Justus Mokaya Ronald’s commitment to empowerment extends beyond his organization. He holds an accredited professional mediator certification from the Pan Africa Christian University, showcasing his dedication to conflict resolution and community harmony. Additionally, he is a graduate of Northwestern Christian University, where he earned a degree in Leadership and Management. His educational journey also includes a Diploma in Business Administration from the Foundation Institute of Africa.

World Youth Summit and Gusii Youth Movement

As the Country Director for the World Youth Summit in Kenya, Justus plays a pivotal role in connecting Kenyan youth to global opportunities and platforms. He is also a proud patron of the Gusii Youth Movement, where he actively supports initiatives aimed at uplifting the youth in the Gusii community.

A Political Leader with a Vision

In the 2022 General Elections, Justus Mokaya Ronald took a bold step into the political arena by contesting for the Nairobi Senatorial seat. His campaign was a testament to his dedication to bringing positive change to Kenya through politics.

Media Presence and Analysis

Justus Mokaya Ronald is not confined to the realms of politics and education alone; he is also a sought-after political and educational analyst. He collaborates with Kenya’s main media houses, including KTN, K24, and the national broadcaster KBC, providing insights and perspectives on critical issues facing the nation.

The Boy Child Initiative

Beyond his other roles and achievements, Justus is the founder of the African Boy Child Relief Initiative. This organization’s primary focus is on empowering and nurturing the boy child, a segment of society often overlooked. By investing in the boy child, Justus envisions a future where responsible fathers and stable families are the norm, addressing numerous societal challenges.

Vice-Chairperson of FORD KENYA

Justus Mokaya Ronald is the Vice-Chairperson of the FORD KENYA party in Nairobi County. FORD KENYA is a political party whose leader is the Speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly. Justus’s involvement in the party reflects his commitment to political leadership and his dedication to making a positive impact on the nation.

Justus Mokaya Ronald’s journey from a humble background to a prominent figure in Kenyan society is a testament to his unwavering commitment to youth and women’s empowerment, education, and the betterment of his community and nation. Through his various roles and initiatives, he continues to inspire and lead, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those he touches. His vision for a well-empowered boy child and a brighter future for Kenya shines brightly on the horizon.

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