KDF senior officers are used to obliterate the law, fire and frustrate juniors at the Court-Martial.

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KDF senior officers are used to obliterate the law

Despite being on secondment and official United Nations mission duties, they continue to force themselves to serve in court martial instead of recusing themselves, a good proof of being a gun for hire.

Massive investigations show that there is a lot of rot within the Kenya Defense Force, as evidenced at the Court-Martial.

The two officers continue to frustrate and harass the juniors from either a point of knowledge or ignorance.

COL. E.O. Okello (19654) and Maj. M.M. Saha ( 21070) are on secondment and mission duties in the United Nations , in New York, and in Central Africa, respectively.

According to the evidence that we obtained from the Milimani High Court, Okello admitted that he was out of the country, and he requested to be connected virtually so that he could participate as a senior member in the proceedings, contrary to the Kenyan defense standing order.

KDF senior officers are used to obliterate the law

KDF senior officers are used to obliterate the law

‘’ My name is Col. Emmanuel Okello, and I am the senior sitting member for this court martial. I am based in Nairobi, but I got a second job at the UN Headquarters here in New York. From then on, I requested to be allowed to continue attending virtually, With me are two other sitting members, I can see Maj. Saruni virtually, and we also had Lt. Safari a few minutes ago,” he told the court, as recorded in court papers that are in our possession.
According to the Kenya Defense Forces Standing Order DEFSO 2 edition of 2015, Chapter TWO (2) PAGE 2-2, Officers on the supernumerary pool (S/poo) are not supposed to be given tasks by KDF until they are posted back from where they have been seconded of attending courses or the United Nations Missions. The two continued to appear virtually in contravention of the said law.

The documents in our possession, as indicated in a document, say that, “supernumerary pool (S/POO)” . Refers to a list maintained at DHQ of officers in units or formations exceeding the approved establishment and those officers who are not available for deployment either because they are attending a long course or are attached to establishments outside the Kenya Defense Forces.

Officers in the supernumerary pool are administered by either respective services,” read the documents in parts.

Our investigative reporter managed to get the list of KDF officers who have suffered through the hands of COL. E.O. Okello (19654) and Maj. M.M. Saha (21070), and the names are composed of: Col. Thomas Kiptum Poghisio, Major. Joel Kenyakisa, Major Joseph Muriuki, Sergent Robert Kipkemoi, corporal Joshua Kemboi Kirwa, and Ganner Antony Kimeiywa Leboo.

Among the list three officers have been wrongly convicted under the leadership of COL. E.O. Okello (19654) and Maj M.M Saha (21070) and his other sitting members who among them are part of our dossier.

Our efforts to reach COL. E.O. Okello (19654) and Maj M.M Saha (21070) on phone for comments a few days ago were not successful as they fail to receive our calls hence making to miss the right of reply.

It is surprising that the KDF employs well trained and qualified prosecutors as specialists in the force. Currently, Col Simon Yator and Col Henry Mureithi Mugiira are the lead and are behaving against their oath of legal profession.

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