Kenyans Hopeful For Economic Recovery In New Year After Tough 2023

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As the new year dawns, majority of Kenyans are expressing optimism and hope for better times ahead despite the challenges they faced in 2023 due to a tough economic climate.

Some of those interviewed by Capital FM shared their expectations for a promising 2024, believing that persistent issues such as the high cost of living and heavy tax burdens will soon be addressed, paving the way for economic growth.

There has been uproar across the country as Kenyans pleaded for the government to bring down the cost of living that shot up in 2023.

Denis Momanyi, a resident of Ruaka, expressed his hopes for 2024, stating, “I’m hoping that the government will reduce the high cost of living and the heavy tax burden that Kenyans have had to endure, especially the housing levy.”

Philomena Atieno, a fish vendor in Siaya, urged the government to fulfil its promise to improve the economy, saying, “We have heard enough promises. It’s time for the government to deliver because things are very tough for us.”

Sospeter Ngugi called upon the Kenya Kwanza government to focus on creating employment opportunities for young people in 2024. He emphasized that addressing youth unemployment is crucial for the nation’s economic growth, as many young individuals currently work part-time jobs to finance their education.

“This year, I would urge the government to take a serious look at the issue of youth unemployment in our nation because if we don’t take care of our young people, our nation will fail,” said Ngugi.

Allan Kirwa from Kitale had a straightforward request for President William Ruto, stating, “Please, reduce the cost of living.”

Jecinta Kimani, a fruit vendor, expressed her optimism that the government would fulfil its commitments to Kenyans in 2024. She urged individuals to take initiative and work hard, stating, “We cannot keep on blaming the government for what it has not delivered. No matter how many times you blame the economy, no one will bring food to your house, so you have to work hard to put food on your table.”

Kimani also highlighted concerns about unfair and punitive taxes imposed by the government, noting that these taxes have forced many businesses to switch from digital transactions to cash payments.

Fatuma Abdalla from Mombasa expressed how the high cost of living had made life unbearable, saying, “Prices are increasing for everything. Every day in newspapers, on the radio, and on television, we hear about rising commodity prices.”

Robert Kariuki, a Bodaboda rider, expects the government to take steps to stabilize the economy in 2024. He specifically called for President William Ruto to address the soaring cost of living and fuel prices, emphasizing the pivotal role of the fuel sector in driving the economy.

Naomy Moraa, a Nairobi resident, expressed disappointment over the increase in Expressway toll charges and appealed to the government, saying, “I urge the government to consider lowering fuel prices. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that life will improve in 2024 if the president keeps his promises.”

In his New Year’s address, President William Ruto expressed optimism for positive developments in Kenya in 2024. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the nation but emphasized that the government’s efforts to streamline processes would yield long-term benefits.

President Ruto outlined initiatives to reduce government expenditures by up to Sh400 billion to minimize the need for borrowing. He stressed the importance of addressing debt issues and promoting economic independence for Kenya.

While acknowledging the short-term challenges posed by certain government decisions, President Ruto emphasized that opportunities in the new year would enable Kenya to achieve more and improve the lives of its citizens.


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