Legal Battle Unveiled: Elvis Ouma Muga Accused in Fake Gold Deal Scandal

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Elvis Ouma Muga

In a stunning legal development, Elvis Ouma Muga finds himself at the center of a high-stakes conspiracy case, charged with orchestrating a fraudulent scheme to deceive and swindle over Sh170 million from a foreign investor in a counterfeit gold transaction.

The allegations paint a picture of deceit and manipulation, as the accused is accused of duping the victim into believing in a lucrative business opportunity that turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate facade. This case shines a spotlight on the dark underbelly of financial fraud, serving as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to in pursuit of ill-gotten gains.

Elvis Ouma Muga, alias Nick, is accused of conspiring jointly with others, not before the court, to defraud Bernhard Ten Brinke on diverse dates between September 1st, 2020, and January 21st, 2021, by falsely pretending that he was carrying on a genuine business of selling gold in Nairobi and was able to supply 500 kilograms to Brinke at USD 1,567,120, equivalent to Sh 170, 816,734.

He is also charged with obtaining the said money jointly with others, not before the court on January 15, 2021.

The accused person appeared in court on Monday for the hearing of the case, but the prosecution adjourned his case to July 12 for a fourth hearing.

When he was charged in court, he denied the charges before Principal Magistrate David Ndungi and was granted a bond of 10 million with alternative cash bail of 5 million

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