Lewa wildlife conservancy, ICEA lion general insurance linked to a deadly compensation Fraud

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Lewa wildlife

Lewa a Wildlife Conservancy organisation under the management of Lucy Ndirangu, Mike Watson, the chief Executive Officer, ICEA Lion officials led by Mr.Sammy Gatuthi and Samuel Ng’ang’a are on the spot for teaming up with an objective of denying a female employee her compensation rights after she got a deadly accident during a team building activity few years ago.

Sources from Lewa told us, our investigative team, that most employees, especially Africans, have been fired and have left the company in a sad and bad state.

In a shocking turn of events, the woman (PM ) was fired and left on her own after working with Lewa for over 15 years.

Lewa Founder Ian Craig

Lewa Founder Ian Craig

She is currently in dire need of assistance to get her Sh 5 million compensation fees that she believes will partly help her salvage her life back to a bit of normalcy.

In a dramatic turn of event, The ICEA Lion insurance group has worsened her situation by rubber stamping Lewa’s evil decisions of frustrating her by filing an objection to her suit she has filed in court against Lewa.

Lewa wildlife

Lewa wildlife

” I have been working with Lewa to date, I am telling you what they did to PMwas so unfortunate, i know her personally, and she is passing through a lot, i urge the government to take over the matter and help her get justice, i will be petitioning some government officials in coming days on the same,” an employee told us.

According to various documents we obtained from the environment and labour relations court, things went wrong in her life after her involvement in the said unfortunate accident.

Our efforts to get PM on phone for a comment were not successful, and her lawyer told us that he too was unable to comment on the matter that was still active in court.

The court papers show that PM was employed by Lewa in 2001, and on September 26, 2019, while participating on a work related team building activity, she fell and suffered some serious injuries.

Lewa Founder Ian Craig

Lewa Founder Ian Craig

She suffered for many years and later visited various hospitals as she sought for treatment

On August 2, 2023, and August 15, 2023, she visited a certain facility where a medic identified her, examined her, and found out the main ailments that resulted from the said accident.

” The medic found that PM injuries were permanent and her cerebellum of the brain was affected, which has resulted to her frequent headaches, dizziness, and visual disturbances that she frequently suffers from, her right leg was completely injured, among other disorders.” The court heard.

She has been moving in and out of different medical facilities to seek medical assistance, but she is yet to get back to normalcy.

Today, PM can do nothing, and she is immobile as the company that she genuinely worked for refuses to compensate her.

The ICEA lion, in a strange move, has filed an objection in court to the suit that she has filed in court to seek compensation, although its not a party in the case.

PM has told the court to dismiss the ICEA Lion objection, terming it ill-advised and exploitive with bad intentions.

Our investigative team, along other media houses, will be following up the matter on February 13th for further publications

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