Marsabit Governor announces retirement in 2027

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Marsabit Governor Mohamud Mohammed Ali has announced that he will be retiring from active politics after completing his term in 2027.

Mohamud who is currently the Deputy leader of United Democratic Movement which under The Kenya Kwanza, is serving his second term as a governor.

Mohamud was speaking during a consultative forum with 140 Borana council of Elders on Sunday in Moyale town.

“Many of you have asked me about my next move after the expiring of my term. Let me dispel any rumors -you will not see me near any elective post come 2027, ” he said.

Mohamud added that after his term, he will not degrade himself to vie for a senatorial seat. He went on to say that it’s naturally impossible for an elder to become a child once again.

He either promised that even though he is retiring from active politics, he will still be actively involved in leading the Borana community in the right direction under the guidance of the elders.

He continued to share the challenges he encountered during his two-term tenure and that he did not have any intention to interfere with any one’s political aspirations and that they should experience it firsthand.

This announcement was met with a lot of criticism from his close political friends cum enemies -Uran ward MCA Halkano Konso, Saku MP Hon Dido Ali Rasso and Senator Mohammed Chute.

During the forumn, the elders welcomed the governor’s decision and promised to join him in preaching unity across the county.

The elders came to an agreement by making resolutions that would make peace among the people of Marsabit. Among the resolutions include; immediate cessation of political fights on local vernacular radio e, social media platforms like Whatsapp and opt to resolve any pertinent matter through traditional elders.

“We as the Borana community, we have structures and guidelines to iron out matters from any aggrieved party. Let us utilize it well for our own being, ” said elder Galm Dabasso.

The governor also took the advantage of the forumn to come out clean and defend his administration against negative criticism from a section of residents and political leaders.

In August, Senator Chute wrote to the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) to investigate alleged misappropriation and embezzlement of public funds by the county government of Marsabit amounting to KSH 2.1 billion.

The EACC presented a report before the Senate’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) which revealed that Marsabit was in leading in terms of corruption cases.

Mohamud is being faced with 90 graft cases which already are under investigations.

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