Meet David Burare, A FordKenya Jobless Deputy SG struggling to put food on the table despite his being a Wetangula’s diehard

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If betrayal is real then FordKenya party and it’s officials can do it better

Mr.David Burare is a man full of political wisdom and strategy. For a long time he has been the National Speaker Moses Wetangula’s right hand man but after he helped to put FordKenya to success he was abandoned and left in the bush.

His junior staffs and officials within the party were rewarded with state appointments but for him nothing came true.

” As Wetangula shared plum positions with his confidant Burare is still struggling in Nairobi CBD trying to make the ends meet, no job , no favour what wrong did he commit, he is actually struggling, I have tried to talk with my party Wetangula’s associate to fix his situation but all in vain,” said a FordKenya party officials.

He said that he once spotted Burare in Nairobi OTC area struggling and looked disturbed.

” I saw him dressed in funny clothers, dressings that can’t expose him as a party official , I think Wetangula and other party officials needs to do something to bail him out,” he added

A female FordKenya official added that Burare’s character is unique, he better die rather than look like he is begging for some favours.

” This man is jobless and struggling, it is so unfortunate to see other people in our party getting rewards but Burare being ignored, if at all speaker Wetangula wants to help him he needs to lobby for a small position for this man,” she added.

Burare has been at the centre of Wetangula’s political career and on one occasions he helped the current speaker from being overthrown from the party by Eseli and Wamalwa Wamunyinyi’s led wing.

His political strategies and ideas have been used by several politicians who have successed political and later dumped him.

We shall be reaching Burare for a follow up story next week to here his side of the story.

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