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In the world of football, stories of determination, talent, and resilience often stand out as symbols of inspiration. Monicah Chebet Odato’s journey from the heart of Matungu in Kakamega County to international recognition is a testament to her unwavering commitment and exceptional skills. Her narrative encapsulates the transformative power of sport and the boundless possibilities it offers to those who pursue their dreams.

A Humble Beginning in Matungu: Monicah Chebet Odato’s football journey began in the scenic Matungu location, Mumias District, within Kakamega County. It was at St. Maurice where she first donned her football boots while in Form One, marking the start of a remarkable journey that would take her to new heights. Though her time there was brief, it laid the foundation for her future successes.

From Local Fields to Ibinzo Girls: Monicah’s determination caught the attention of opportunity. A scholarship paved her way to Ibinzo Girls Secondary School, a move that marked a significant turning point in her football career. She continued to refine her skills, demonstrating both dedication and prowess on the field. Her time at Ibinzo Girls became a stepping stone toward a brighter future in football.

University Days and National Recognition: With both luck and talent on her side, Monicah earned another scholarship, this time to Masinde Muliro University. Her journey continued on an upward trajectory as she not only pursued her education but also excelled on the football pitch while representing MMUST. It was during this period that she joined Women And Development Against Distress In Africa (WADADIA), a platform that further fueled her passion for the sport.

International Breakthrough: A Tanzanian Adventure: Monicah’s talent transcended borders, catching the attention of Tanzanian-based side Fountain Gate Princess. Her journey took her beyond her homeland’s borders, presenting her with new challenges and opportunities. Her remarkable performances and contributions led to her being recognized at the international level, showcasing her potential on a broader stage.

Triumphs and Aspirations: CECAFA Victory and Beyond: Monicah Chebet Odato’s accomplishments extended to the national level. Her participation in three international matches, including the CECAFA tournament held in Tanzania in 2018, solidified her position as a formidable athlete. Her commitment and hard work were vital in securing the victory for her team and her country, a feat she can proudly cherish.

Dreaming Big: A Vision for the Future: As Monicah continues to leave her mark on the world of football, her aspirations remain as vibrant as ever. Her ultimate dream is to represent the esteemed Chelsea Football Club Women, based in London. This ambition serves as a testament to her determination and her belief in the limitless possibilities that her journey in football can offer.

A Remarkable Journey of Triumph and Ambition: Monicah Chebet Odato’s story is a shining example of how dedication, talent, and perseverance can lead to extraordinary achievements. From the fields of Matungu to international victories, she stands as a beacon of inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere. Her unwavering commitment to her dreams reminds us that the pursuit of excellence knows no boundaries, and with passion and hard work, remarkable journeys are born. We wish Monicah all the best in her pursuit of a bright future in the world of football.


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