Nairobi Hospital Finance Director Found Dead

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In a shocking Nairobi Hospital Finance Director and tragic incident that has sent shockwaves throughout Nairobi, Erick Maigo, the finance director of Nairobi Hospital, was discovered brutally murdered in his Woodley estate home. The gruesome discovery was made on a fateful morning when Maigo’s life was abruptly taken in a heinous act of violence.

The grim scene unfolded with Maigo’s lifeless body bearing the harrowing evidence of 16 stab wounds, a testament to the brutal nature of his murder. The incident occurred at approximately 6 a.m., leaving a community and institution in shock and mourning.

The prime suspect in this horrifying crime is believed to be a woman who may have either spent the night at Maigo’s residence or gained access to it in the early hours of the morning. In a cruel twist of fate, this mysterious assailant managed to escape mere minutes before the police arrived at the scene.

The authorities, led by Kilimani police boss Moss Ndiwa, have launched a manhunt to locate and apprehend the suspect. The investigation is ongoing, and the motive behind this gruesome act remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Neighbors residing in the Woodley Annex apartment complex were the first to be alerted to this tragedy when they heard Maigo, a 36-year-old professional, groaning in pain. Their attempts to contact him went unanswered, prompting them to take matters into their own hands. Concerned for Maigo’s well-being, they approached his door and knocked, only to be met by a woman who assured them that everything was in order and she was searching for the keys to open the door.

Despite the woman’s reassurances, Maigo’s groans of pain persisted, causing the neighbors to grow increasingly alarmed. When the woman inside the apartment refused to open the door, the neighbors promptly notified the security personnel within the compound, urging them not to permit anyone from the house to leave.

Taking swift action, the security personnel alerted the local authorities, and a report detailing the suspicious activities at the house was filed at Kibra police station.

Tragically, by the time the police arrived at the scene, the woman suspected of being involved had vanished without a trace. The door to the apartment stood ajar, and the lifeless body of Erick Maigo lay in a pool of his own blood, his life cruelly extinguished. The gruesome discovery revealed that Maigo’s body bore the scars of 16 stab wounds, with ten of them concentrated on his chest and back.

As the investigation into this horrifying crime unfolds, authorities are left grappling with numerous unanswered questions. The identity of the suspect remains unknown, and the motive behind this brutal act continues to elude investigators.

The shocking murder of Erick Maigo comes at a time of internal strife within Nairobi Hospital, marked by allegations of nepotism and misconduct. The hospital’s upcoming annual general meeting is expected to be fraught with discussions surrounding these deeply troubling issues, including claims of nepotism in hiring practices and allegations of inappropriate behavior involving hospital staff.

Erick Maigo, tragically, was one of the victims of this alleged nepotism, being a relative of James Nyamongo, who has been at the center of these controversies. Nyamongo has been accused of employing unqualified individuals from a specific community and soliciting sexual favors from nurses. Additionally, board members have faced allegations of seeking kickbacks from various projects.

As the hospital grapples with these internal conflicts and the shocking loss of Erick Maigo, financial concerns and ethical questions will undoubtedly take center stage at the upcoming meeting. An insider, still reeling from the tragedy, expressed the possibility that this heinous crime may be linked.

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