Parklands Taza Lane off City Park Drive: Residents and owners of residential houses.

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  • Parklands Taza

  • Hon. Justice Angote

  • Mr. Stephen Gathuita Mwangi

  • Mr. Patrick Analo

  • Mr. Fredrick Ochanda

Residents and owners of residential houses along Taza Lane, off City Park Drive, Parklands, were shocked and dismayed when fully armed Administration Police officers started supervising and controlling the construction of a 14-floor apartment building on L.R. No. 209/7549 City Park Drive immediately after the Environment and Land Court in Nairobi found senior County Government officers guilty of contempt of court orders that stopped any further developments on the plot.

The police officers are dropped off at the site in cars with private registration numbers and immediately take charge of controlling vehicles, delivering construction materials, and also directing hundreds of workers who are in a hurry to finish the development.

On January 25, 2024, Hon. Justice Angote found several senior county officers, the owner/developer of the property, and other professionals guilty of contempt and ordered them to appear personally in court on February 19, 2024, for mitigation and sentencing.

The police officers were on duty even when Mr. Patrick Analo (the Nairobi City County Secretary), Mr. Stephen Gathuita Mwangi (the NCCG-CECM Member), Mr. Ruchard Mumo (Director, Land & Urban Planning), Mr. Fredrick Ochanda, and other top officers, who were found guilty of the contempt charge, visited the site to confirm whether construction was still on-going.

“It was really annoying and disgusting to see Nairobi County senior officers witnessing the ongoing construction when they are fully aware of the court orders stopping construction yet taking no steps to enforce the order. I almost threw a stone at one of those officers who kept smiling and telling his colleagues that ‘hii ni sawa, hapa kumenona’ “, says one of the workers on site who is equally dismayed by the disobedience of the court orders.

The police officers appear to be sent from their head office, with their travel and other allowances being met by the two lead developers, i.e. Ameey Homes Ltd and Sustainable Development Solutions Ltd.

A letter to IGP and IPOA by the residents’ lawyers informing them of these activities that are aiding and abetting the commission of illegalities has not been acted on, despite receipt being acknowledged.

“We have orally followed up on this issue with both the IGP and county government officers, and the response from both offices is that ‘court orders cant stop ‘development’, and we really have nothing to fear’.

The police officers have also told our reporter that their instructions are to remain on site until construction work is complete and the apartments are fully occupied.

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