Rogue businessman Chetan Babu Gohil parted with Sh50 million to NIS investigating serious crimes

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Police bare holding Alvin Nzomo Muthami and activist Musaari Syongo over alleged extortion scheme in which city businessman Chetan Babu Gohil is claimed to have parted with Sh50 million in a deal gone wrong.

Mr Syongoh, son of former assistant Trade minister Zaddock Syongoh, has also been accused of looking for firearms to kill Mr Gohil, his former schoolmate at St Mary’s Nairobi.

Appearing before the Senior Principal Magistrate Zainab Abdul, the ODPP and Gohil’s lawyer told the Milimani court that Mr Kahiga was in the process of acquiring an AK 47 rifle to kill Mr Gohil from whom he had extorted Sh50 million.

Activists Mr Muthami has also been accused alongside Mr. Kahiga for conspiring to extort the businessman.

According to the court records, Mr. Kahiga is accused of having committed the crime while serving as an NIS officer and was privy to confidential intelligence reports.

The said report that has been obtained by Kenyamiror, alleged that the businessman had been involved in a fraud against the government of Kenya between 2020 to 2022.

The confidential report that was addressed to the office Prime Cabinet Secretary held by Musalia Mudavadi also alleged subsequent to theft and siphoning out of the massive government funds, the Person of Interest (POI) is actively involved in money laundering activities to legitimize those proceeds of crime.

The report further goes to claim that the POI is part of a car theft and trading ring of criminals that engages in violent robbery of high-end cars from various SADC member states, the subsequent concealing of chassis number and forgery of new log books to facilitate trade in the same. In trademark fashion, the POI, allegedly uses economically disenfranchised citizens as proxies in regestraton of fake Logbooks

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