Sickly Man aged 81 years old accuses Dp Gachagua’s linked company for attempting to grab his land,

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Sickly Man aged 81 years old accuses Dp Gachagua’s linked company for attempting to grab his land, wants justice

John Micheal Ohas, has raised alarm over what he terms that a serious plot to grab his land by Wamunyoro Investment Limited

Wamunyoro is a company linked to Gachagua and Ohas claims that senior ministry of land have been compromised to help Gachagua grab the land.

Speaking on the matter, Ohas said that the case was in court but called on the Judiciary to give his matter some first priority.

Ohas is currently on Oxygen and sickly, he says that the case has dragged in court for over 15 years.

” This case has dragged in court for over 15 years, I want it settled so that i can go back home and arrange how my family will stay,” he said.

He added that only just was his desire

” I just want justice for my land, i can collapse anytime and my health is not in good condition, i have already testified in court,” he said.
In a previous hearing, a milimani Court Judge ruled that the status quo of the land be maintained.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the suit property must not be sold, alienated, or handled in any other way that could jeopardize the current application.”Ruled the Judge.

Mboya ordered that Michael Ohas, his company, Colombus Two Thousand Limited, and the Chief Lands Registrar be served with the application so that they go through what Gachagua was alledging.

According to the court papers Gachagua, through his lawyer Philip Nyachoti, claims that the Ohas during his tenure at the land Ministry, tampered with land office records in order to deprive him of his land as entitled by the Law.

He claims that the property has been charged to Equity Bank as collateral for various financial facilities granted to him totaling Sh200 million.

“Wamunyoro has always been the legal owner of the disputed property, but Ohas and his company Colombus Two Thousand purposefully tampered with the records at the lands office in December 2019 so that any official search on the property now indicates that Colombus is the registered owner,” Gachagua says.

Gachagua claims that Ohas caused a parallel title to be issued to his company Colombus in an irregular and unlawful manner.
Ohas denied the said accusations, he said that Gachagua was using his powers to grab his land.

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