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The controversial Pastor Mackenzie has led to the preachers of the word today to face outcast in the society.

The people in the society have questioned the religion of some of the preachers months after Pastor Mackenzie was accused with the Shakahola probe.

Some of the preachers have tried much to source the believers but in vain since none wants to be bitten twice in a row after the incident. This has led to many preachers practicing a door-door evangelism to try convince and encourage believers as well as pray with them at their homes.

According to the Great Man of God, Pastor Aaron Mutugi of the Redeemed Gospel Church Nkondi, he believes that so many preachers ain’t preaching the true gospel today just because the congregation demands a pampered gospel hence hiding on the vices they are committing in the society.

He also states that sometimes its hard for a pastor to manage working in another environment and still serve but through devotion, he has to practice on both as it seems unpleasant for the believers to give so as to avoid conmanship.

“In the line of serving God, one has to be devoted and give all his/her strength to the believers.

Sometimes you feel you got a mountain to climb for instance in church development whereby financially you are unstable and needs the work to be done so that you can serve in a cool environment, but you have to bare with the situation.

Many people have left church because of ‘giving’ and whenever you try to preach against vices, someone feel offended even though you had no I’ll motives against any believer. Each and everyone today wants to be preached what is nice to their ears and not what we should embrace so that we can be emulated and create a good picture in the society,” Pastor Mutugi said.

Pastor Mutugi, who has started a support system for the needy in the rural areas, has called upon the government to empower the church by at least subsizing the cost of training the clergy, removing the tarrifs and taxes levied on church material’s imports and also supporting the village upcoming churches to reach the less fortunate in the society.


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