Uproar, anger as Justice Mohammed Warsame appears in Martha Koome’s led event despite illegally serving in the JSC

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No one knows when he will quit the Judiciary Service Commission, it’s not clear whether the CJ is aware when his term comes to an end and to add salt to the wounds, Justice Mohamed Warsame has been conducting interviews for the honourable magistrates and Judges despite insiders revealing that his term ended few months ago. Is he untouchable?

” We are in shock after seeing him in Mandera with a microphone purporting to be a JSC commissioner, we want the CJ to come out and tell the public when Justice Warsame will be quitting the commission, we are aware that his term ended,” said one of a senior Judge within the JSC.

He added, ” some of us here were duly elected to serve as members of the JSC, however we know when our terms will end but some of our colleagues here seems to be lifetime commissioners.

Famous City Lawyer Jack Bigambo also gave his views in the matter but called on transparency within the commission.

” In history, this JSC commission is the most opaque and clueless, it has officers who are serving illegally but nothing can be done, if not managed it may bring confusion and may hem in Kenya,” he said.

Bigambo noted that nearly all the recruitment that the JSC oversaw were pre-determined and a waste of time.

Those close to some senior JSC officials, revealed to us that there are some jitters among Judges and commissioners who are not happy with how Warsame behaves.

” Yes some of the commissioners are plotting to protest to the CJ about justice Warsame, they feel that it is the time for the CJ yo come out and explain when and where his term was extended,” said our credible source.

No words from the CJ has come out on the same issues.

Martha Koome instead has been spotted sitting on the same platform with the Judge and recently they jointly conducted some high level interviews that has since landed the commission in court.

” The CJ may have silently extended Warsame’s tenure, she is very free with him despite in house and out house outcry,” said a lawyer.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta had refused to confirm Warsame’s tenure over some intergrity issues that were placed before him by the NIS.

More to follow….

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