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The Kenyan economy has in a highly note affected the vendors within the Tharaka-Nithi County after their products have continually deflated from the market.

Tharaka-Nithi residents have complained to the government for the hiking economy which has found a number shutting their businesses due to capitalism.

Mugambi Johana, a well known Tharaka-Nithi businessman, highlighted that they are facing many challenges and convincing their customers that they are retailing at a higher cost is a word none wants to hear.

“Sometimes we are facing competition from our own business personnel’s whom happen to share same products in the market hence end up reducing their prices to get customers.

Some of us have debts hence the capital we raise end up paying for the loans and the way the economy has hiked,” Mr Mugambi said.

Mr Kunyanga requested the government to subsidize importing cereals from abroad to support the common ‘mwananchi’ therefore building their markets.

According to Mr Kunyanga, this act would help the vendors in aligning in the same price of the commodities they offer hence some of their products wouldn’t be left unsold.

“Some of the products are moving at a higher rate than others hence we are left behind with the items with less demand. These products remains in the shelves for a long while and the customers forego them for the newest stock. I wish the government should work on that so that we can manage to sell our products since thus where we rely on our daily bread,” Mr Kunyanga said.


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