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WHAT IS LOVE?, The hardest task in the generation today is the fact of defining what love is.
In many task, ladies are finding it rough to date ‘broke’ men while in chase for the rich dudes in towns.

In the verge of desperation for men, we create good and reputable leaders in the society today. Whenever a man is heartbroken, he dedicates himself to work on achieving their goals unlike ladies who always think they are in competition with their exs.

According to researches that have been made for decades, men selectively settle whenever they find peace even though it may take ages so as not to make a similar mistake they had previously made.

“Men will always prefer peace to chaos in their homes. Sometimes we get home tired and all we need is being pampered with love. Who has overtaken the art of forgiveness in the society today hence many marriages are breaking.

You should always know that not all days are set for the ‘party’, sometimes we quarrel but how you manage the quarrel in your home, makes you the desirable leader you ever wish to be.

You will never offer service to the community if your home is burning,” Mr Mugambi , The environmentalist, said.
He later added that sometimes ladies feel tired of their men who’ve not yet made it life hence being unfaithful.

Mr. Mugambi requested both parties to be supportive to meet their set goals as a family and ladies to be patient with their men because, on their glory days, they will use their past challenges as tescompete: Story by Brighton Nyaga

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